Monday, July 2, 2012


Would it surprise you to hear that my weekend was full of wool? I bet not.

These are the braids of merino that I dyed late last week.
I'm thinking about plying this one with the other blue I posted on Friday.

This one was given to a friend who shared much fibery goodness that you will see later in this post.

My boys are currently obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender. This was supposed to be in tribute to the main character, Aang. But my colors didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them. It just looks like some tropical mess instead.

Query: Should I spin all of my rovings or sell some?

My earlier mentioned friend gave me some wool/mohair blend roving to play with, two huge trash bags of fleece to wash, and lent me her hand carders.

This is what I did while soaking the fleece in batches.

This is the llama/alpaca hybrid. I'm still not done picking the "crud" out of it (I've enlisted the Elf's help - he's being paid). So this is *way* less than half of it.

This is all of the llama. I picked it clean and washed it all over the weekend. Let me tell you, llamas are dusty creatures.


  1. Lovely braids! I know you are going to spin up something beautiful :)

  2. if you are not in love with it or can't use it, sell it. only work with what you love. (that is my 2 cents melissa) it all looks so lovely though, i bet you are enjoying your wheel! :)

  3. Your merino is beautiful. I think I would have a hard time selling it and would probably spin it unless i ended up with something I really didn't care for. I would love to learn to dye. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for everything i want to do!

  4. The wool you dyed looks like candy! Great colours!