Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More projects

Wrote a pattern for this guy:

No one cared (okay, Jaime did. Jaime is awesome), but it's Professor Layton from.. some video game or other that I've never played. I'll maybe try remaking him and polish the pattern later. Some rows in this one will be gone from that one and others will be added. If I ever get around to it.

In between headaches and removing a tick from an unfortunate location on my five year old I managed to also finish Danger Mouse.

notes here.

Friday, March 25, 2016

What's she building in there.

Newest project. Writing the pattern as I go.

Headless, armless. Yes, and funny looking. The final pattern will remove some rows from the top of the pants and knees. Here's the funny thing: this is a character from a game I've never played. Yeah. Why am I making this?

... no clue. It was a whim. Can you guess who it's going to be? (I'll give you that the top looks like breasts in this picture, it's not. It's blocky shoulders - I'm hoping arms will help.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recent projects

Had a request from my sister to make Abby Sciuto from.. NCIS.. NCSI.. something. A television show that just about everyone knows but me.

More images and vague pattern notes here.

Tried to make another character from a television show for a friend. It turned out.. badly.. through no fault of the pattern. It's entirely my fault that Dean from Supernatural has gorilla arms and monkey ears.

Details here.