Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still here

I've been remiss. These pictures are from.. almost a month ago, I guess. That can't be right. The fiber is from a month ago, at least. Things are crazy and that's normal.

Pilot still isn't "better" yet. We've doubled his insulin dosage now and are rechecking him Friday. The worry is that his glucose will drop too low and then there's the possibility of coma, neurological damage, and/or death. So fun times there.

The Imp is still in a cast (purple - his choice). It may very well come off tomorrow (and the pins out, but I don't like to think about that). I say "may" because I suspect it hinges on the xray and how things look. He still can't flex his index finger or thumb and I find that very worrying.

Look. Pictures.

So why am I so absent? Well, to be honest I have an addiction to a mmorpg and I'd really rather spend all of my free time there than editing pictures or writing about the pitfalls of preteen boys and homeschooling or cranky little kids who want to run around and be crazy but can't due to a purple cast.

I've gotten several concerned friends (thank you, guys) who want to know if I'm okay. There's crazy stress and cranky boys and money troubles. But there are also smiles and cuddles and laughter. I'm happy. Through it all, I'm okay and I'm happy. So thank you for your concern and I will endeavor to update here more often.