Monday, December 21, 2015

4th Doctor Whooves

Used this pattern. It isn't as refined of a pattern as I've maybe become accustomed to. It was fun working through the challenges, though. The eyes on my pony are skewed - having never made this pattern before it was not clear how it would look, exactly, once stuffed. Sadly, the nature of safety eyes.. you have to put them in before stuffing and decreasing too much. I tried. It's not perfect. He's a bit derpy if you look at him straight on (which is why there aren't any pictures straight on). The scarf was a pain and I haven't decided what to do about his cutie mark yet. But I'm happy with it.

Friday, December 18, 2015


Okay. So this was.. epic.

Here's a character. (yes, Archeage. no, not mine - B's old one)

Here's my take on him (aged, I guess.. and really sort of an amalgamation of several of his MMO characters).

Used this pattern. The creator is amazing - so patient. I asked a bunch of questions and always got prompt and helpful responses.

This is another Solstice gift for B (please, gods, don't let him be reading these posts and not telling me) - though on the off chance that he is, I'm not mentioning the other pattern that will be made for him in the near future..

Monday, December 14, 2015


My latest distractions.

A needle felted frog based on an image I saw on the internet. I personally don't think it turned out so great. But meh.

I'm fairly confident that B doesn't look at my blog. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this. Because it's his Solstice gift. The eldest has vague plans to make a polymer clay staff for him.

I started this for myself a long time ago. It's done. And lop-sided and imperfect and.. feh. I'm dissatisfied with it. For so many reasons. And it was a lot of work. But I have confidence that if I convince myself to make another one, it'll be better. The real problem is that I want to make all the Sailor Senshi. But I can't justify buying all the patterns (which I feel that I need for no other reason than tips on how to do their hair..). But aren't they amazing?!

Now I'm crocheting myself a hairband thing with cat ears. Because I seem to be obsessed with cat ears.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New bed

We had an ancient king bed. Now we have a brand new queen bed. It looks tiny to me. But... wow, there's room to stand between our bed and the dresser now!

Yes, it's a mess. Yes, four people sleep in this room.

My favorite things about this room right now? The copier/printer B bought me (how have I managed homeschooling without this?!), my books (no, that's not all of them), and my lovely grey walls.

Friday, December 4, 2015


No, this will not continue to be an every day thing. I cannot account for my recently "making stuff" binge.

This is a sorry excuse for an Eeyore. A friend of mine likes the character - this is my attempt at solstice gift for her.

Another friend has a thing for pandas. A sad attempt (though I think it turned out better than the weird blue donkey creature).

Needless to say, needle felting is not my specialty.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hood. With ear. Because reasons.

More things for me. Wow, has the world gone mad? (Please ignore the profusion of me in those pictures, I try to. Also I threw away my hairbrush and the new ones hasn't arrived yet. Don't judge.)

Used Biggo yarn from KnitPicks - would have preferred something with slightly less nylon. But it's soft and the colors were what I wanted. So that's life. Used this pattern but made it into a sort of cowl instead of a scarf. Because Florida. And Cats. And.. I didn't want a scarf, so there.

I need to scrounge spinning bits so that I can finish my cardigan (I've been working on it for more than two years now, I think). But the bedroom (where the fluff lives) is so very crowded - two twin beds, a king bed, and assorted dressers and things. I can't seem to bring myself to uncover the appropriate boxes. So I suppose next up is a stash dive to make B's solstice gift.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I could tell you about the panic, the anxiety, the stress, the depression. But I'm not going to. Instead, look at these pretty gloves that I knit for myself.

The lighting is terrible, but the picture was taken with my sparkly new phone. No, no flash. I hate using the flash on anything. I suppose I could have taken the picture in natural light during the day. But I didn't. This is life and sometimes it's imperfect.

The yarn I used for these gloves came from Quaere. I asked her to custom dye it for me based on a colorway in one of the Phat Fiber boxes that I had a sample of. This one may be more pink than I'd have liked, but I'm still pleased with it. You can't see in the picture but it has stellina in it which makes it sparkle a little.

I've been reading. A lot. You can see what I've been reading here.