Monday, December 14, 2015


My latest distractions.

A needle felted frog based on an image I saw on the internet. I personally don't think it turned out so great. But meh.

I'm fairly confident that B doesn't look at my blog. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this. Because it's his Solstice gift. The eldest has vague plans to make a polymer clay staff for him.

I started this for myself a long time ago. It's done. And lop-sided and imperfect and.. feh. I'm dissatisfied with it. For so many reasons. And it was a lot of work. But I have confidence that if I convince myself to make another one, it'll be better. The real problem is that I want to make all the Sailor Senshi. But I can't justify buying all the patterns (which I feel that I need for no other reason than tips on how to do their hair..). But aren't they amazing?!

Now I'm crocheting myself a hairband thing with cat ears. Because I seem to be obsessed with cat ears.

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