Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FInal update of the night

The Imp finally went in for surgery at 8pm. Apparently he was done by 9pm (the boys and had left around 8:30) and B joined him in the recovery room shortly after. All reports are of the Imp doing really well. He's drinking huge amounts of water and munching on crackers. I'm even told that he's been laughing at the Pink Panther cartoons I'd dropped off (latest update from B is that he also ate half the Panera mac and cheese I brought him).

I haven't gotten to see him. And that bothers me. But I know he's with B and I still have to take care of my other two monsters. With luck he'll be home tomorrow and things will be easier. Or more normal. Or something.

Today is catching up with me and it's time I eat my dinner of garlic bread (don't judge) and go to sleep.

Imp update

It is broken. And not in a "slap a cast on it" kind of way. He needs surgery.

We (the Elf, the Beast, and I) just got back from the hospital. He's being such a brave little kid. The dose of morphine they gave him has helped to deal with the pain and he's been resting. He's very much not happy - not that I can blame him. We're still waiting to hear from the surgeon about what needs to be done. They aren't letting him eat or drink and the poor kid is desperately thirsty. It's been hours and hours and my nerves are wearing quite thin (as is, I'll admit, my patience).

I suspect that he and B will spend the night at the hospital. It will be the second night in the Imp's life that I've spent away from him (and the third since meeting B that I've spent away from *him*). We're a close little family and this is not an easy thing for us.

Neither B nor I have ever broken a bone. We have no experience with this. And it's our little boy. Our Imp who is hugely brave but also gentle and has his share of fears. I know that parents all over the world have dealt with this and much worse. But that doesn't make it any easier for me.

 UPDATE! (like five minute later)
The doctor has been talked to. The surgery is fairly common and they should have him underway in an hour or so. I'm told something about pins and a cast for three weeks and then the pins come out? I'm unclear and am thinking that Googling it might be a bad idea for me (I Googled diabetes in cats and it was both helpful and terrifying). B is actively texting my updates here, so it's all a little fuzzy.

It's been about two hours since B was told "an hour or so" about the surgery. The morphine is wearing off and my little boy is in pain. Am I allowed to be getting irked at this situation? I realize that there are emergencies and things. But in my world he's the most important thing right now and dammit why haven't they fixed him yet? Ugh. Okay. I feel better now (not really). Carry on.

Imps and Elbows

The Imp is officially our first child to require a trip in an ambulance. This morning he climbed onto the arm of a chair (totally normal despite repeatedly being told not to) and fell off (I'm not convinced he didn't jump - also, sadly normal). His elbow looked.. wrong. Swollen. No blood or bones showing. But I panicked. B came home and decided that we couldn't move him so he called the paramedics. I suspect he's made it to the hospital by now. We're thinking it's dislocated, but it's just speculation.

This is excitement that I just didn't need. The last time an ambulance came to my house I was twelve and my mother died. So yeah. Today has not been great. I was meant to be packaging two orders I had over the weekend. Now I'm not sure that the post office will be doable.

I keep telling people that I'm fine. I'm calm and fine. But inside I think I'm still shaking and scared.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Back from the dead

Pilot is doing great! We're down to one injection (of only one unit) once a day!

Those pictures are exactly a week apart. He's gaining weight and acting like a normal cat again - well, as normal as any of my cats ever act.
I'm feeling better as well. Less apathetic about life and beginning to get back into the swing of things. Despite feeling extremely uninspired I've been dyeing and carding fiber. I'll be updating my (sadly neglected) etsy shop in the next day or so. Here's a peek at what I have ready:

I've also managed to create quite the "to do" list for myself. It's the end of the year rush and I always end up thriving on a certain kind of mad chaos.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Just a quick post here.

1. Pilot is doing well. He's eating on his own (not enough yet, but we're getting there). His blood sugar has stabilized but we still need to lower it some so we've upped the dosage and are checking back in a week. Each and every day he acts more like his old self. I can't tell you how much better I feel about his chances.

2. I haven't had a full night's sleep in so long that I feel like a member of the zombie horde.

3. Tomorrow (November 2nd) is the Extra Life event. My whole family will take part (though the boys will only play for a little). There's still time to donate. All contributions go to the Children's Miracle Network and I'm running a giveaway for anyone who donates and lets me know about it (see post here).

4. I'll be live streaming most of my part of the event here.

5. I promise that after this weekend I'll stop posting about the charity thing. Until next year's event, any way.