Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FInal update of the night

The Imp finally went in for surgery at 8pm. Apparently he was done by 9pm (the boys and had left around 8:30) and B joined him in the recovery room shortly after. All reports are of the Imp doing really well. He's drinking huge amounts of water and munching on crackers. I'm even told that he's been laughing at the Pink Panther cartoons I'd dropped off (latest update from B is that he also ate half the Panera mac and cheese I brought him).

I haven't gotten to see him. And that bothers me. But I know he's with B and I still have to take care of my other two monsters. With luck he'll be home tomorrow and things will be easier. Or more normal. Or something.

Today is catching up with me and it's time I eat my dinner of garlic bread (don't judge) and go to sleep.


  1. So glad all is well, what an ordeal!! Hopefully when he is home you can feel better with him close by.

  2. Thinking of all of you! What a hectic time.