Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feather Man by Rhyll McMaster

First I have to say that this book was beautifully written. The imagery was amazing. But the plot, the story? I don't get it. I couldn't connect with the characters at all. Being human was the extent of commonality. Now, I wasn't alive in the 50's through 70's. I've never been to Australia or London. So maybe it's just that I can't get it. For the most part, the story seemed entirely too cliche. I suppose those cliches have to be there for a reason, right?

For the first third of the book or so, I had no idea how old Sooky was or what the passage of time was like. It could have been days or years - there was little reference. The second third of the book was printed horribly. Every five pages or so there were two blurry pages. It's hard to read, enjoy, and review a book that literally gives you a headache.

The last eighth of the book, everything was too easy. Paul's appearance and all that he brought with him was too.. out of nowhere. It wasn't realistic or believable in the slightest. And the ending? It was neither happy nor sad. I wasn't left with any sense of closure.

I did not enjoy this book - which is sort of rare for me. Very rare, actually. But I can say that it was written beautifully. A blurb on the front cover claims that it is "poetic" and I completely agree. I never saw the comedy that the back blurb promised, but I can live with that. Blurbs often seem written by people who never read the book anyway. This one was no exception.

I don't think I'd actively recommend this book to people. Maybe a select few, if I truly thought they'd enjoy it. But not as a "wow, this is a great book that every one should read!" sort of suggestion.