Monday, July 23, 2012


Today my kids were near perfect angles. On a Monday. Today was a Monday. It was the first day that my husband had gone back to work after his vacation. I was alone with the kids. On a Monday. For the first time in nine days. And they were perfect. Or near enough for me. I don't suspect I will forget this day for the rest of my life. Seriously.

So what does one do on a perfect day? A day when the kids are totally happy entertaining each other? A day when all they need from you is food, drink, hugs, kisses, smiles, and the occasional diaper change? Let me tell you. One spins. Copiously. Joyously. That is what one does.

First, I started with this:
Remember that nasty looking heritage fleece I'd been washing? And then I carded the bit I'd washed on a friend's drum carder? That's what this is.

This is the fluffy, poofy, perfectly imperfect yarn I spun with it.

Remember that crazy fuzzy-locks-everywhere llama/alpaca hyrid I had spun? That's what I plied it with. Personally, I adore it. However, I ran out of the heritage wool and will have to ply the rest once I've completely scoured, carded, and spun the remainder.

Did I stop there? At a job well done? No! I did not. Instead, after checking on the kids and changing a diaper, I gathered supplies.
Hand dyed merino left over from my thick-and-thin experiment, firestar in the tropical colorway, and a hackle. Mmmmm.

Pretty, yes?

I used a diz to pull it off into roving. I actually ended up with two puffballs of fiber, but only took pictures of one. By this point I was having too much fun and photographs were more of an afterthought.

Spun! The sparkle doesn't show well in this picture, though.

And then! After a brief cat-nap (ten minutes, people - with a toddler hurling legos at me) and dinner, I spun up some of that pink/orange/yellow stuff I dyed the other day.
And then I took a deep breath and gave chain/Navajo plying a try. Now.. now I think that I may be addicted.

If I ever manage to finish this post, this is the roving I'll be spinning next! The Beast picked it out of the bundles I have hanging on pegs in the bedroom. He has good taste, no?


  1. how lovely! those little darlings! melissa, you are so accomplished already, so impressive and such beautiful wools.

  2. Melissa your spinning is so beautiful! The Navjo ply is such fun:)

  3. What a great way to start the week! I am in love with your addiction Melissa. I really do need to check out how long it would take me to get to you so I can come and play at your house ;)

  4. Beautiful spinning and beautiful plying!! Your talents amaze me :)

  5. That is what I would do too! Your yarns look great, that tropical one looks a bit like sherbert. Is that a board with nails pounded all the way through clamped to a table?

    1. That's essentially what it is - except that there's another board glued to the underside of it. It's called a hackle. A friend lent it to me (I'm going to make a longer one). You can use it for blending fibers and making roving (with a diz). It's super fun. (:

  6. Where have I been, here you are with this amazing space and a name such as you have and a blog name such as you have and all the beautiful energy you have sent me and I didn't even drop in here until now... shame on me, well with my terrible craftwomanship I shall take notes of all the things you do, as you seem adept to say the least. Big Love and thank you x