Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Again I have waited until the dark clouds roll in to take photographs. I cannot bear to take pictures of the beautiful (yes, I'm modest) yarn that I spun the other day in such piteous light. So it will wait. With luck I'll get around to it tomorrow - before the daily rain.

Joining up with Ginny for the Yarn Along.

I'm reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. It's the third in the Outlander series. I'm enjoying it more than I should, which is a problem because I'm nearly done with it and I don't have the fourth book. I'm knitting a pair of brown longies for the Imp. The poor kid has been having growing pains and has sprouted two inches in as many weeks. I'm also knitting a birthday gift for the Elf. I'm following this pattern very loosely. I've used the nose of Emily's pig and made the whole thing smaller and without flame. The idea is to make several and a bag. Why? Because he loves all things Legend of Zelda. And when B and I first met, we played Ocarina of Time late into the night for weeks. The Elf will love it and it kind of brings back memories.


  1. how fun! i hope you post a picture when the whole thing is done. :)

  2. I saw on the Weathter Channel were you were getting rain, I wish we would as I am kind of worried about my well.
    I do hope you have a little sunshine so we will get to see your beautiful yarn.
    Imp grew two inches? Wow! Get ready, I really do think boys grow more than girls, I know for a fact that they eat more,and you will be dealing with this for a while.

  3. One day you will have your camera and your fiber and the sun all rolled into one moment :)

  4. Can't wait to see it finished! I have been looking at Diana's books... but haven't tried any yet. You may have inspired me!

  5. A pig-snouted bomb? ha! only a lovely & clever you would dream up such a thing (oink, oink, BOOM!!)

  6. i've been slowly amassing the outlander series from used book stores...once i have them all i shall begin :)