Monday, July 9, 2012


I have been very absent. The heat, the fleece, the boys. Yes. Absent from this space, perhaps.

Here's what I've been up to:
These are the plied version of the two singles I had spun the last time I posted. Everyone says they look like cotton candy - which is really not where I meant to go with it.

I'm going to have a giveaway for this hank of handspun. There isn't a great deal of it, but it might make a nice trim or.. cozy for something. I don't know. I'll weigh it and measure it tonight and post it tomorrow.

A pig! He's only got the one arm. Today I'll start his leg (before I run out of yarn). Poor pig, but he's already been quite loved by my youngest.

This is how I spent all weekend. B and I watched Downton Abbey while I endlessly crocheted bits of Appa. It's hard to see but there's his head (which I cannot finish until I buy larger eyes), 18 toe pads, six foot pads, six *under foot pad* pads, 18 toes, two ears, two horns. Ugh. I think that's it so far.

Boys + Legos = Bliss. Well, and a mess. But that's obvious, right?

This is my latest love/hate relationship. A friend lent me a hackle. I'm learning. Slowly. After impaling my finger (okay, cutting it enough to necessitate a bandage), I think I may have figured it out.


  1. Ooo that is a nice bit of handspun! I'll keep my eye out for the giveaway :D

  2. What a cute little pig! Yes, think boys and legos just go together. I have saved all of my guys for future babies in the family, they use to be fairly inexpensive, not anymore!
    Okay, what is a hackle and do I need to be even more envious of you? :)