Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crafting On!

Less words, more pictures!

My fiber order arrived (pictures later). I hackled two browns together.

And then spun it.

This is handspun merino soaking in red cabbage water. Tasty, no?

I'm still cleaning this same fleece. Every time I get more grit in the bottom of the bowl. Will I ever be done with this?

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  1. So much beautiful fiber in your world Melissa, and oh, that purple is divine!

  2. They took extra dust baths JUST FOR YOU!

    (to catch up: I love the light sabers! The fuzzy stuff intrigues me! Does the cabbage water smell bad?)

  3. So much wooly goodness on its way turning into MORE wooly goodness. Yum :-)

  4. The cabbage water wool colour is STUNNING. I have never tried it because I was told it wasn't colour fast...I was too chicken. Yours is just beautiful.