Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poor photographs

It's another overcast day and I'm left to take pictures in poor lighting. It feels like I've spent the whole weekend washing dirty alpaca fleece. And I guess I sort of have, but it's all done now. I'm going to try to hand card some of it because I'm just too anxious to wait a week for my drum carder (estimated delivery on the 28th!).

I'm nearly finished with a custom order. I'm just waiting for the beeswax polish to soak in a bit before I attach the wee hats.

Finally finished the scrappy shorties. So many ends to weave in. It was insane. These will be listed in the shop once I get better pictures. Hopefully I'll get the Beast to cooperate and model them for me.

This roving look so much better unraveled. I think I'll take a new picture to show you guys tomorrow. There's so much more purple and yellow than you can see here.

Remember that yellow and orange mess I had in the dye pot? These are the results. It's more orange and pink than I'd planned, but I think it'll mix well with the tropical firestar I have.

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