Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafty crafting

Okay. Honestly I just couldn't come up with a subject to say "wool!" that I hadn't already used. So.. yeah. Here's what I've been up to.

Princess girl not only has a new hair style (that being one that my boys can't easily pull out), she also has clothes! I assure you that the pattern looks much better than my representation of it.

This is the roving from yesterday all spun. I finally figured out why I thought I hate spinning merino. I forgot to split the roving. Drafting is seriously fifty times easier if you aren't trying to pull from a huge chunk of roving.

This is the roving from.. Friday? Whatever. It's been plied with the above single. But it started raining so my lighting is terrible. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow with the yarn along (heads up: there may even be a giveaway!).

Look! More washed and dried fleece! It never ends!

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  1. Your doll is so adorable Melissa and the yarn, oh my gosh, it's beautiful. I think you and your spinning wheel produce wonderful things together.

  2. Hair that cannot be pulled out is a must! Love the doll and you are so talented :)

  3. You go girl doll, with your pull-out proof hair and your short little skirt. :D