Friday, July 13, 2012


You knew it was coming.

A second light saber.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last light saber. Without the awesome pattern I followed, it would have been a mess. Details here.

Appa is coming along. I still have a lot of sewing to do for his feet, but at least he has a head. His head/back arrow will be added last.

Ah, yarn! More of the black/white/red stuff - a single and a two-ply. The pastel yarn is my first attempt at intentional (and consistent) thick-and-thin. It was more difficult than I like to admit. The final fuzzy yarn is the alpaca/llama hybrid that I spent a week washing. I couldn't managed to card, hackle, or otherwise wrangle it into behaving. So I spun it in clumps. I think it worked out really well. I'd like to ply it with something - with luck I'll have enough for an upcoming sheep doll. Yes, a sheep knit from a llama.

And as I'm sure you're all tired of hearing: Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win some of my handspun yarn!


  1. My boy's would have loved those when they were younger! Great job Melissa. I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.

  2. Goodness, you're fast! And I'm loving all this yarn you're spinning,, especially that fuzzy one on the end. I'd love to see it worked up.

  3. That was quick! Wonderful.
    Your spinning is beautiful!
    Have a great weekend.