Friday, June 29, 2012

Uhm. Wool?

Yes. I have a problem. I am a fiber addict. I give you proof:

This gal finally has hands. I was supposed to sew them. Instead I wet felted them. Because wool beats sewing any day.

I was dreaming of shady forest pools while I dyed this lighter than air merino. Shiny rocks under graceful ripples. Sunlight peaking through the trees to highlight the water. Yes. I was dreaming when I dyed this.

For the past month or so we've been saving yellow onion skins. This is the result. Not impressive, is it? Well, it's softer than pillows (hello, merino. I love how you feel but am not crazy about spinning you) and the sweetest creamy wheat color. Next time maybe I'll cook the skins longer. Or soak the yarn longer. Or *gasp* find some suitable pots and mordants.

I wanted to share the pictures of the merino roving I dyed this morning. Alas, dye and cameras do not mix. I'll share my results when they're done!


  1. i'm glad you are a fiber addict, you add so much beauty to the world. love the puppet. the onion skin merino, but the forest pool dyed wool is gorgeous. i cant wait to see it spun.