Monday, June 4, 2012

What I've been up to.

My weekend looked like this:

I know it's hard to tell what that is. So let me explain. It's a towel covered in 42 small knitted pieces that all needed blocking. Yes. And why did I need to block them? So that I could sew them into this:

(Ravelry notes here)

Yes I know. You all think I'm crazy now. Since most people probably have no idea, it's a companion cube. For those who don't want to follow the link - it's a video game thing. Knitting this was terrible. Sewing it all together was worse. I am not a fan of knitting small bits over and over again. I am not a fan of sewing. At all. There were 57 pieces to this cube. Wow, right? B wanted it, I made it. If that's not dedication then I don't know what is.

On a sunnier note, the doll I test knit for Emily now has hair!

The Imp loves her. He declared that she is his princess and carried her *everywhere* he went for most of the day. By her foot. He's anxious for a dress for her.

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  1. You have far more patience than I do Melissa to knit that cube, great job.
    Love the Imp's princess and that he carried her everywhere by her foot, makes me laugh just thinking of it!

  2. Oh my the sewing involved! I am very impressed. I love the princess and may she reign forever :)

  3. The cube your worked up is adorable, and how sweet of you to stick it out. Love the doll you are working up!

  4. Wow! That is true dedication. I was working on some penguins in the winter and packed them away for a while because I was out of patience with them...and they only have 4 parts each.

  5. the cube would've killed me. the doll is super sweet though :)

  6. Yep, you're certifiable! Omigosh, that thing would have made a basket-case of me for sure! I even avoid sweaters that require seaming!

  7. Those are some great projects! I especially like the towel one, how creative!

  8. omigosh, Emily's girl is adorable.