Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarning Along

Linking up with Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Did I ever mention that I jumped on the bandwagon? Followed the crowd? It's not something that I usually do - in any aspect of my life. But here I am - knitting the February Lady sweater. Please excuse the darkish pictures - it's been constant rain around here today.

I'm knitting this with yarn from a sweater I knit last year. Or maybe it was earlier this year. Either way, I knit the whole sweater. And it was too big. So I ripped apart the whole thing. I've finally gotten the umph to use the yarn again. It's wool that I've dyed (and over dyed several times) with food coloring and black walnuts.

The book is another reread. Alamut by Vladimir Bartol. It's a really good book if you like history.

I'm thinking about using these buttons. Not sure yet, though. I also ordered some handmade buttons from The Sitting Tree. So many choices. Guess I'll just have to knit another cardigan after this to use them all up! Darn!


  1. Glad you joined the crowd! Looks really nice and the coffee color is beautiful!

  2. oh melissa it's gorgeous. i love your february lady sweater. i think the buttons look perfect too. some sweaters are just classics and i think this is one. i may need to make it now too.

  3. ive been tempted by this one too every time I see it. I love it in the brown wool. I cant believe how many little pieces you knit for the toy last post, that sure is dedication!! Thanks for your cloth nappy advice, day 1 went well:)

  4. It's GORGEOUS!!!! Love that yarn and how fabulous that you've dyed and overdyed it yourself - made it your own. I've been contemplating this pattern too, but ended up going with the Shalom first. I'm sure I'll make the leap to the February Lady. Someday.