Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining up with Ginny for the Yarn Along!

Still working on my cardigan (February Lady) and still reading Alamut. Enjoying both.

Last month I was so incredibly lucky to win a set of rings from Heart and Stone (via The Artful Parent). After much deliberation on my choice of words I picked "quixotic" and "dreamer" - two words that speak to my heart. The rings arrived today and wow! I am in love! These are, without a doubt, the nicest rings I've ever worn (or owned!). They're thick and lovely and just perfect!

I'm going to ask B if I can wear them in place of my wedding ring. Am I crazy? No. Here's the thing - my wedding ring was $11 from a local new age store. I have that same ring tattooed on my ring arm. So it's always there. No matter what. B's wedding ring was $22 from a place in the mall and is likewise tattooed on his right arm. The thing is, his original ring was squished (the man is brutal on rings) quite a long time ago. He's gone through at least two others since then. I finally bought him a ring from and Etsy seller a couple of years ago. It's lovely and he's been unable to destroy it! So, it's not so odd that I'd want to wear these in place of my original ring. Also - he won't really care.

Right. Rant over. Heart and Stone is awesome and everyone should own some of her amazing jewelry!

And here I leave you with a gratuitous toddler picture. This is what happens with you are two and you get up too early, utterly refusing to go back to bed.


  1. Lucky you! Congrats. I love the last photo, especially with the kitty above him.

  2. snoozy babe, snoozy kitty... so cute.

  3. oh melissa your rings are perfect, i'm so happy for you! maybe you and the mister can have a little romantic dinner and he can put them on you. i love the idea.
    that photo is priceless. love it so much.

  4. 1. LOVE your cardigan. I need a cardigan for the winter weather. What kind of yarn did you use?
    2. LOVE the pic of your toddler. I used to hope that I would just find kids passed out on the floor, it never happened. My kids didn't believe in sleep.
    3. THANK YOU for your words of encouragement on my ranting blog. You have people like that next door? I might go completely bonkers and then you'd hear about me on CNN.

  5. i forgot to tell you how beautiful your sweater is, i'm really inspired to make one too! it's almost finished!

  6. oops, i meant yours is almost finished. too late for me, off to bed!