Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crafting Fail.

I think I'm having a bad creativity day. Or days, even.

Yesterday I finished a sleeve on the cardigan that I'm knitting for a friend. It's all wrong. So I'm trying something different on the other sleeve. Then I'll rip one or both out and go from there. We're going to ignore that I'm really worried about running out of yarn and that I still need enough for the i-cord button loops. Oy.

Today I tried to core spin.

I'm bad at it. It's over twisted and.. ugh. Someone out there might call it an art yarn and be happy with it. I am not. Not at all. Later I may try plying it to itself. For now it's in another room where I don't have to look at it.

This kid. Oh, this kid.

He's got the right idea.

I'm breathing out deeply as I gaze at his face, letting it all go. Today was just not meant for crafting. (Which is unfortunate since the Imp's birthday is tomorrow and I need to put the finishing touches on his gifts)


  1. I cannot see how that is a comfortable position. Sorry about your yarn, but it does look pretty!!! Good luck with the other sleeve.

  2. I really do dislike days like that, where it all just goes wrong. Like Karen I think your yarn is pretty, but then you are the artist so I get it! I think looking at that little face would make the world better for me too. A birthday tomorrow? How fun!

  3. Oh, those sorts of crafting days should be banned. And it's never just ONE crafting disaster at a time. Which takes its own bit of creativity.

    Happy birthday blessings to the Imp!

  4. oh there is nothing more rubbish than 'one of those days!' hope that today is better and brighter for you dear friend x x

  5. Are you sure he's not really a cat? He seems to be able to fall asleep in the oddest of places (just like a cat!)

    So sorry to hear about your creative mishaps. I hate when that happens. It takes me days (or weeks, months, years) to come back around to an unsuccessful project. So, disheartening... but as they say... craft-on!

  6. ah baby. i had one that used to fall asleep in the most unusual places and positions too, as if the sleep fairy waved a magic wand and it was lights out!
    hope you get the wool to behave.

    p.s. happy birthday little one!