Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yarn Along

Linking up with Ginny.

Reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Actually, by the time this post goes live I will have finished it. No idea what to read next.

Knitting longies, complete with tail. They were intended for the Imp but my math was off (or rather, I was basing them on a pair that I had previously knit with a larger needle.. oops) and they're too small and short. So into the shop they'll go. I'm thinking of knitting a simple kitten hat to go with it.

Longies from the front. Nothing special.

I'm also knitting this cardigan (this time not for me) in a yummy, squishy, purple superwash wool.

I just got an order in the mail today. My last indulgence before we buckle down to save money for a vehicle that will fit all of our children. Tussah silk, bamboo, and merino top. Mmmmm. I can't wait to dye, blend, and spin it into glorious yarn.


  1. Cute sweater pattern! I bet someone will snatch up those longies with a tail very quickly!!

  2. Longies with a tail, what a great idea and I'm sure they will sell quick.
    Your treat sounds like a wonderful thing Melissa and I bet it feels so soft! Do you know what color it will be? Have a great time.

  3. oh yes, you need a kitten hat to go with the longies. too cute!

  4. oh oh oh I see my sweater :-) eeek!!! I love the longies too, and the tail is simply wee ones would all love a pair. hugs x x

  5. Cute longies,and the hat sounds super kewl! Your cardigan choice is just gorgeous.What is it about purple yarn that makes my heart melt?

  6. Longies with a tail. I LOVE the things you create. An accompanying kitten hat is a MUST.

    And that cardigan pattern looks great!