Thursday, September 13, 2012


Amidst the coughing and comforting of little ones (and the watching of Pride and Prejudice), I've spent my day knitting. I've finished a pair of green board shorts. They were knit with bulky yarn - a fun change from my usual worsted.

Tonight my plans are to brave the grocery store, knit some purple cardigan goodness, and spin at least a bobbin of yarn. We'll just ignore that I have absolutely no idea what to make for dinner.


  1. I was blessed with a rest of soup from yesterday, so no dinner to make tonight!

    Thanks for the nice comment you left on my post! I was saying that I finally finished my daughter's doll hairs after all the other doll request for other's kids.
    I've yet to find a translator that I'm pleased with.

  2. Cute little shorts! They look like they were a hoot to knit.

  3. hee hee, too bad knitting doesn't feed everyones soul! such cute shorts!