Thursday, September 20, 2012


Okay, knitters. I have a "problem" and need your assistance.

Never mind. My husband came home at lunch and told me to buy the pattern. Crisis over!

I have 2346 yards of a yarn that claims to be DK but really looks like fingering. I dyed it black. I have more in another colorway that I could also dye black. So maybe the amount isn't the issue so much.

I want (desperately) to knit this pi shawl.

Here are some facts:
- I am not a shawl girl
- I am not a lace knitter
- I'm poor and $8 for a pattern seems extreme (okay, I'm cheap. But also, I am not a shawl girl)
- My original plan was to knit this shawl

If I can't decide between the two (or another pattern altogether) I'm likely to scrap the whole idea and put the yarn back in the closet (where it was before a few days ago when I decided that pink and green could be overcome with dye). Help!


  1. I am glad your husband told you to buy it, it's so beautiful! You know, if you don't want to wear it as a shawl you could always use it as a blanket.

  2. ooh, so pretty, glad the problems solved, cant wait to see it knit up!

  3. wow! Those look so complicated... and pretty! I am partial to the shipwreck myself...