Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yarn Along and more

I meant to post yesterday, but things got away from me. I will refrain from explaining how I let my husband get me sucked into a video game I swore I'd never play. We'll ignore that I put my kids to bed two hours late because I completely lost track of time. Ahem.

So today I'm linking up with Ginny and all the other great folks for the Yarn Along.

I've started working on the sleeves of this cardigan! Yay! The lovely Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots agreed to a swap with me. I scored these absolutely stunning buttons. I think the larger ones will be perfect for this cardigan! I didn't take a picture of my reading. I'm rereading the Dresden Files series on my ebook reader - who wants a picture of a black rectangle?

Aren't these buttons divine?

I'm also knitting longies. It's weird to be back to a thin worsted after all that bulky knitting. I do love those small, neat stitches, though!

With one week to go, I've finally nearly finished my Imp's birthday presents. This shirt is to go with a mask and cuff set I bought from Her Flying Horses. I think he's going to love it all. He's been on this incredible super hero kick lately.

And this is a rather sad looking attempt at Buneary (a Pokemon). He's been begging me to make one for months. Here's hoping I manage the face soon!


  1. Love the garter stitch, so elegant! You will be done in no time now that you are on the sleeves.

  2. those buttons are lovely. :) so many people are knitting longie... i might have to give them a go. :)
    personally i think the pokemon is super cute. :)

  3. Oh my gosh melissa I love that you lost track of time with your sweetie like that, I do think that's even healthier than a correct bedtime! Your sweater is pretty and will look great with taryns beautiful buttons. I love her and everything she makes. What a good idea a swap. That little toy is so cute!

  4. oh those buttons, I can't believe how beautiful the cardi is melissa, it is going to be like wearing a massive hug!! thank you thank you thank you...will find measuring tape tomorrow I promise! x x

  5. I think your son will really love that T-Shirt. Very cool.

  6. What game? Also, come try Glitch. Nothing but relaxing.