Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend

From top to bottom: bamboo, tussah silk, and merino. Freshly dyed with Greener Shades and mostly dry. Greener Shades is meant for protein fibers, so I wasn't surprised that the bamboo hardly took any color.

Carded and divided, waiting to be blended into a batt.

Blended and pulled into roving. Now I just need to spin it! This is the softest roving I've ever felt. It's an even percentage of silk, bamboo, and merino. Mmmm.

Bamboo on the right, wool on the left. I used black walnut dye that I've been using and reusing since last year. It's pretty exhausted, hence the lighter colors. The bamboo turned an amazing metallic gold color.

Carded, blended, and pulled into roving. I'm thinking about calling Rapunzel. The picture doesn't do it justice, it really looks like golden blond hair to me. Or sand dunes. It depends on the light, I guess.

For most of the weekend I sat on the couch and knit this pair of longies while B played Dragon Age: Origins (sorry, but I really enjoy watching him play video games). I love this pumpkin orange color. They're going to Australia in the near future. I have another pair or two to knit up first, though. I also worked on the purple cardigan, but pictures will wait until Wednesday for the Yarn Along.

These pictures aren't just from the weekend. The truth is that I've been creating rather than thinking. I've been trying to wrap myself in "the muse" to avoid feeling. That may sound unhealthy. But here's the deal. I'm pretty sure that I've had a miscarriage. The medical communication failure that is my doctor's office hasn't given me an official word on the matter. And while I want their official word, I'm 99% certain of it already. I'm okay. At least, I think I am. All the same, I've given myself a prescription of creativity and rest. And this is what I've done with it.


  1. My heart is aching for you Melissa! Many warm hugs to you and I think your prescription is a good one. Take care of yourself and please know I am thinking of you!

  2. big big hugs mama. holding your hand x x x

  3. Oh I do hope you are okay! So sorry that this is a difficult week. And I hope the doctor's office calls you soon.