Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining up with Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Here's the thing. I took this picture about 24 hours ago. I wanted to be prepared. To get ahead. Yeah. Because that was really likely to work out. I'm knitting an Odette hoodie for the Imp. I've now finished both sleeves and am working on the yoke. Bottom-up construction baffles me. Also, the yarn is blue. Very blue. My lighting just sucks.

For fun I'm still reading Dresden books by Jim Butcher. But mostly I've been cramming for the Elf's homeschooling. We started late this year - which doesn't matter, right? That's one of the reasons we homeschool. At the end of last year we were in medieval Japan, I think (using Story of the World). The Elf fought me every step of the way with history (and everything else, but especially with history). No matter what I tried, he hated it. Enter video games. Yep. This is why I don't speak out in any of the Waldorf communities I belong to online. My husband plays Assassin's Creed - I watch. So does the Elf. The third game came out at the end of last month and is about the American revolutionary war. So we've jumped right in. And let me tell you, I haven't had a single complaint about history at all. Not one. He seems to really enjoy seeing the semi-fictional take on the things he's learning.

But this leaves me studying American history every day just to prepare for the following day. In addition I've been searching out botany websites and lessons. Can I just tell you for a minute how amazing it is to hear my stubborn ten year tell me that he's enjoying the things that I'm teaching him?

At any rate, I'm exhausted. The kids are all in bed and I think I'll go lose myself in that just-for-fun book now.


  1. That sounds like an interesting way to learn history! What ever works for your kids is the way! Love your knitting too. I can imagine the bright blue. Looks lovely. I am going to attempt my first top down! I don't know what will be worse - up or down? lol

  2. My Fifteen year old, Alex, loves Runescape and World of WarCraft, but I don't think he has ever played Assassins Creed, I will have to look for it. History is a subject that isn't a problem here, math on the other hand is a different story.
    I have not tried knitting something bottom up, and am not sure I could get it. I love the dark, royal blue you are using.
    My lighting is terrible, that's why I always go outside!

  3. I always take my photos the day before in the afternoon. It just looks best that way. Anyways, I love the blue in your photo and if you say it is better in person, well I believe you!!

  4. Oh, I love that pattern - it's so sweet.
    I second Karen's suggestion about taking photos the night before. (In fact, I got the idea from her…)
    Just found you through Ginny & so glad I did - looking around a bit, I think I'll like it here! xo

  5. You found a way to get through to him the value and reason for the lesson, nothing else matters! He is learning and engaged and enjoying himself. That is super awesome! I do hate feeling like I am reading to stay ahead of them though!