Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hoodie update

Here's a more accurate picture of the progress and color (though it's still not quite right. it's really darker) of the Odette hoodie. I do usually take pictures with natural light - outside or in the bedroom with the good morning light coming in through the windows. Lately I've been spending the better part of the morning and early afternoon compiling things for school work. By the time I summon the extra energy to take pictures of things, it's evening and all of the light is gone.

My day looks something like this:

Reluctantly wake up, drink coffee and eat oatmeal. Read blogs, email, etc. Wake the Elf (by now at least one of the younger two is up, if not both). Feed monkeys, change diapers, prepare lessons. Convince the Elf to start his school work, start laundry, take something out for dinner. Build with train tracks, knit when the littles let me. Help with school work, prepare lessons for tomorrow. Change more diapers, find snacks for toddlers. Build with blocks and mediate toddler fights. Help with school work, prepare lessons. Eat lunch, feed monkeys.. you get the idea. By about 3pm I'm ready to drop and will let the littles have shiny boxes to stop them from fighting for a little while. Around 4pm I start dinner. By 6pm, after dinner, I've announced that I'm done. Just done. I will then spend the evening struggling to accomplish anything, put kids to bed, and imitate a vegetable on the couch until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.

So yes, please excuse the crappy pictures for a while.

And now, since I've deviated from my routine. I need to prepare tomorrow's lesson on the Boston Tea Party and change some diapers. Whee!

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