Sunday, November 11, 2012

Button help - Never mind

Okay, I finished the Odette hoodie. But now I need buttons. Eight buttons that are about one inch in diameter. I can't spend a fortune so higher-end wooden buttons are out. I'd prefer something hand made. But sheesh! Slogging through Etsy looking for buttons is making me crazy. A great deal of nice looking buttons don't have any indication of size or are half a world away.

Help! What are you favorite button sources?

Never mind. We stumbled upon these and they make the Imp very happy.
Still, for future knitting, I'd be interested to know your favorite button sources.


  1. this is my fav shop, used her loads and the kids always love them :-)

  2. sheppardhandmade on etsy

  3. I usually make my own, one of two ways, I buy the cheap bag of 50 or so wooden discs from the craft store, and then fancy them up by burning the edges on a candle, sealing them with beeswax and oil, or water coloring them then sealing them, then drilling either two or four little holes, I also use my dremel on branches to make buttons and toggles super cute and free!