Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yarn Along and then some.

Linking with Ginny.

This is what my knitting (and crochet) looks like right now. I have bags hiding Solstice gifts from curious little eyes. I'm running out of places to stash things, to be honest.

Last Sunday in the afternoon I decided that the Beast really needed an Iron Man sweater as his second Solstice gift. I ran off to the yarn store and immediately started plotting and planning. Here's how far I've gotten.

I'm using this pattern and shamelessly borrowing from this unrelated sweater. I'm going to crochet the chest circle (just like on his gloves) and am using all the same yarns. Whee!

The Imp is getting a Pichu and a Batman. Pichu is done.

Ravelry notes here.

Batman still needs a face, a bat symbol, and arms (the pattern doesn't call for them, but I think he needs them.

The Elf is getting a Star Wars origami book and a Master Chief toy (from Halo - a video game). There are no patterns that I could find so I altered one.

Ravelry notes here. Photo taken with B's phone at his office (with the evil companion cube that was an utter pain to make).

This is me trying to write my own pattern. Frustration does not begin to cover it.

As for reading, I'm on the eleventh Harry Dresden Book on my Kobo. Woo!
On top of all of this, we had roofers come out on Monday to replace our roof. They should be done today, but sheesh! The noise! Trapped under all those thumps and bangs with three boys. It's enough to make a person crazy. And for fun, the Beast got up at 4am this morning. Here I am, running on less than four hours of sleep and an incomplete cup of coffee. And now I'm off to play with train tracks at the request of the youngest.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you have been able to drink your cup of coffee and you find time for a little rest today.
    I think you are amazing Melissa, truly I do. You knit, crochet, spin and write patterns for cute toys any boy [or girl] would love. Thank you for sharing with us, everything looks great.
    Oh, for hiding gifts I use to use the space between my mattress and box springs, it's perfect for flat items and one spot my children would never look.

  2. Love all those character knits. Looks like a lot of fun knits.

  3. A new roof! it's a necessity but what a way to spend money (not fun). love the faceless batman!! I am sure your kids are going to love all those gifts you are squirreling away!

  4. what a great bunch of knits. i love the pichu, so cute.

  5. You have been a busy crafter! those stuffies are going to be greatly loved, that is for sure. I have lived under the thunder of roofers before so I sympathize with you in your plight. Happy knitting and crocheting!

  6. Gasp! HOW do you manage to churn out so much crafty goodness???? You astound me! And what skill you have. It's incredible what you've been making. Lucky boys!

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