Friday, November 2, 2012

Fiber overload

If I took a picture of the bags of mill ends (that are all totally perfect pieces of roving - I have no idea what Brown Sheep was thinking), you'd be shocked. I have at least six pounds. Mostly white/off white and a pound each of green and black. Mmmmm. Which reminds me that I still haven't finished/shared my beaded art yarn yet. I'll have to get to that this weekend.

At any rate, here's what I've been up to (which is why I suck at responding to emails - I found my zone, sorry!).

I finished my hat. I'm not terribly sure about it, but the Elf tells me that it looks okay on me. Alas, I can't take pictures of my own head very well, so he graciously modeled for me.

I'm calling the colorway "shipwreck" - I know it isn't very original. But as I was dyeing the yarn I thought of tossing waves, dark clouds, lightning, the falling masts of ancient ships. It just stuck. So there it is. Ravelry notes are here.

These are some of my mill ends. I was feeling phoenix-like. Out of nowhere I had energy and motivation. A drive to create. My husband would call it a fey mood (if you've ever played Dwarf Fortress, you'll be laughing now).

This is my attempt to recreate the shipwreck colorway. It's pretty darn close, too. I wonder what it will look like once it's spun. I can't wait to compare it to the leftover yarn from my hat.

I'm still waiting on replacement needles for my shawl. This weekend I aim to spin. And maybe sew some wee hats for gnomes I've been neglecting (sorry, Laura!).


  1. Your hat is gorgeous and I love the name, it suits the colourway perfectly!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. love the hat and I bet it looks great on you, your son is a fabulous hat model ;) Love the color matching and I say it is very very close!! Well done!

  3. I think the hat looks great Melissa and bet you look quite lovely wearing it. I just adore son's who help their mama's out and model hats, they are so loved! I keep telling my Alex hat modeling could be his career,but he just gives me 'that look'.
    Have fun spinning this weekend.

  4. Love the yarn, love the hat! Didn't realise I wasn't already a follower here (you're on my blogroll) I am! That orange roving is delicious...perfect for brightening up the coming winter days.

  5. i went to paulas the day after you did for some white mill ends only to find someone bought them all...

  6. oh I LOVE the hat! you are so clever x x

  7. Your hat is FABULOUS! I've been looking for a slouchy hat pattern for myself and thanks to you, I've added it to my Rav library :-) Your yarn is incredible. LOVE the colour. And your phoenix-like inspiration resulted in such a stunning colour. Can't wait to see it spun!