Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Batman has gotten arms and eyes, but no bat. I'm really not looking forward to adding it. I have the worst time needle felting details on like that. And the idea of gluing it isn't very appealing, either.

Master Chief still needs his helmet sewn on and the yellow part added. B says that he wants this one, making the first attempt the Elf's Solstice gift.

Iron Man sweater is complete.

B asked me for knit pants. I've never attempted adult sized longies. The base is a grey wool and I'm using scraps for the color stripes. I'm actually quite happy with how it's coming along. This will be my first time adding in a gusset though. Hopefully I'm understanding the basic directions (as I don't use a written pattern for my longies to begin with).

None of this exactly explains my radio silence. I don't have an excuse, really. I just find myself doing other things - frantically reading Harry Dresden books to get ready for today's release of the fourteenth book in the series. Not that I started reading it after lunch or anything. Because really, that'd be obsession, right?


  1. nothing wrong with taking a break! Love the figures you knit and bat man looks fabulous! I do like the striping pattern of the longies :)

  2. All the knitting looks great, especially those little dolls. I would have loved to have something like that for my boys when they were younger.
    Thank you for your comment today, you are a sweet and wise woman!
    Enjoy the new book!

  3. that iron man sweater is AWESOME!
    such great knits you have done!

  4. Batman is awesome! Great job!

  5. hello lovely lady :-) thank you for all your wonderful knitted love you sent us :-) proper email coming right up x x LOVE the adult pants, by the way, I be they will be soooo warm and snuggly :-) x

  6. What cute little dolls! And I love the colours with the grey in the striped pants you're making.

  7. The scrappy stripes look great. Excited to see how the finished project turns out.