Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekending - part one

This has been the busiest weekend in a long time. Wow. But this post will only be about Saturday. B was in charge of the camera all weekend and there are just so very many pictures to choose from.

Saturday morning was the "yard sale" at my favorite local yarn store. I scored enough wool for a sweater for the littles, some pretty wool for longies for the shop, and some miscellaneous stuff that was too well priced to pass up.

After that we headed to Golden Acres ranch for the first day of the annual New Leaf Market Farm Tour. Oh man, it was so much fun.

We saw chickens, goats, sheep, guineas, and lots and lots of people. I met an amazing woman who spins and knits. Bought a fleece from her (the highlight of my day) and have plans to buy some more. The kids ran free and were comfortable around all of the animals (though the Beast was very startled by the rooster crowing).

And now I give you picture overload.

Later I'll post about Sunday and then another with all the goodies we brought home!


  1. Ooh -- I love the tiger tail on your imp! And that purposeful stride of your beast reminds me of my own purposeful-striding-toddler... and Mr. Elf is getting so BIG! How fun to see all your photos :-)


  2. It looks like you have a great time and I can't wait to see your goodies! You found fleece to buy in FL.? I am so envious, there is nothing here, not squat! Oh well, I am at least thankful for a LYS.