Monday, October 8, 2012


I've been finding and using up partial balls of yarn for critters. We're all so in love with Linda's patterns.

This alpaca was made with leftover boucle I'd used for doll hair.

His tuft of hair didn't last long. The Imp brought it to me with a sad, sad face. I had needle felted it on, this time I'll find some bits of yarn from my scrap/stuffing bag to use.

This armadillo was made from bulky wool/silk yarn that I had also used for doll hair (see a trend here?).

It feel great to use my yarn leftovers (that aren't entirely suitable for scrappy longies) for things that make my kids so happy. Of course, part of that great feeling is knowing that I'm not wasting anything. The scraps that are too small to realistically use become stuffing. It would appear that locals know me as a repository for random bits of yarn. I'm often sent home with small bags of assorted scraps.

The Imp is deeply in love with this critter. He hasn't let it out of his sight all day.


  1. I love your critters Melissa. When I was growning up my Nanny use to make me stuffed animals to play with and they were always my favorites, I saved them all and now the wee one plays with them.

  2. Your knitted animals have turned out beautifully!

  3. Oh wow, Benny would love the armadillo..he decided in the summer that they were his favourite animal. perhaps I should knit him one too..did you make up the pattern? hugs x

  4. oh the imp with his armadillo, too sweet!