Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend and a giveaway!

This was my weekend.

The dirty (more than I originally suspected) fleece I bought last weekend. And it's on the "skirting table" I built out of pvc pipes and fishing line. Though this was before I drilled the 156 holes into the pipes and wove the line into mesh.

The washed, but not quite clean, fleece.

Yarn I spun for myself (this is a first) with a definite project in mind. I dyed this with a combination of Greener Shades dyes to get a color similar to one I saw in Shalimar and Madelinetosh yarns. Once it dries I'll knit this hat for myself.

In this picture you can see the mesh I wove from fishing line to make the top of the table. It took two days and more patience than I generally have. Ugh. All because I felt that driving to the store to buy something suitable would be too much work. Yep. That's laziness for you.

I knit this sheep from wool I bought at the yarn yard sale last weekend (two balls of Lamb's Pride for $1!) and used Linda's sheep pattern. It was so quick. I had it done within two hours. I'm going to try making a teeny one out of crochet thread (yes, I'm insane). They are for a yarn bombing installation that my favorite yarn store is hosting in December.

And finally! Head over to This Enchanted Pixie for a chance to win some of my handspun yarn.


  1. I may not have a spinning wheel [yet], but at let when I do I will know a lot of the lingo!
    Oh, I am not sure I would ever have enough patience to run all that line! You did a wonderful job Melissa.

  2. great hat pattern and the color of the yarn is fantastic! That wee little sheep is so cute :)

  3. I'm so impressed. And Lamb's Pride for $1! Lucky girl.