Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's about time.

I started a cardigan for a lovely friend quite a while ago. It's been done for nearly a week. Sleeves kill me. Let me say this first. I dread getting two things to match (it's not that I'm bad at it, there's just so much potential to screw it up). But I finished the sleeves. And they're identical (well, as identical as you can get with handmade). So what took me a week to do? Weave in the ends? Nope. Got that done immediately.

It was the buttons.

Let me explain. These are gorgeous buttons (from Wooly Moss Roots). Despite the fact that they are amazing.. buttons scare me. I have to line things up. They have to fit. They have to work.

Earlier this year (or was it last year? I honestly can't remember.) I made this same cardigan for myself. It was knit from organic cotton and has long sleeves. Aside from having the appearance of chainmail on me, I adore it. Alas, it has no buttons. Nor button loops (I use a hair stick or knitting needle to hold mine closed - sad, I know). Why? Buttons. Scare. Me.

So it was a big step for me to add buttons and loops to a cardigan that is meant for someone else - someone that I admire. Yeah. A scary step. Armed with coffee, chattering toddlers (and spiderman cartoons - but we'll try our hardest to ignore that), and a wish for luck, I added buttons and loops this morning.

(Ravelry notes here)

Now the big worry is whether or not it will fit correctly!

On a lighter note, I finished another of Linda's patterns.

(Ravelry notes here)

This wee dolphin was knit using a teeny partial ball of yarn from that evil cube I had made for B. Another scrap down! Only after all of this knitting, my hands are killing me! I'm hoping the Imp will go easy on me. Every day he picks an animal pattern and asks me to make it. Within five minutes he wants to know if it's done yet. Yes. This is my life.

Also. If I owe you an email, a comment, a reply of some variety.. I am not avoiding you. My internet connection has been craptacular. On top of that.. well.. my task master really wants these animals!

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  1. oh my my my!!! I am so excited it is so beautiful and I am so thrilled :-) Thank you for making it for me and I hope you and your wee ones will love your doll just as much x x x x x x