Friday, October 5, 2012

Crazy crafting

This is what I've been doing instead of posting. Instead of cleaning (though I have done six loads of laundry in the last three days). Instead of thinking. Well, this and reading.

This mess of fiber has since become yarn. I just haven't photographed it yet. We've had rain for three days and I detest not using natural light. Anyway. I corespun with this. And it looks much better than my first attempt (which I now recall that I never took pictures of either).

This wee wolf (which I can't shape to save my life) was made from Linda's white wolf pattern. My husband's coworker wanted to show his wife and mother the sorts of toys that could be made from knitting. Apparently people at his office were suitably impressed (with the rainbow horse I made a while ago from her pattern as well). I embroidered the eyes and nose rather than needle felting them. It's not perfect, but the Imp loves him.


  1. I would much rather work with yarn and fiber than clean any old day!
    The wolf looks so cute.
    PS- For your history reading...
    It's about 10 minutes from my home.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I think he looks like a wolf! Great job :)

  3. i LOVE your wolf, you've really inspired me to get busy with some of lindas patterns too!
    and the color of that fiber, gorgeous!!

  4. wow the wolf is brilliant, you are so clever! x

    1. Love your wolf and believe me the whole cleaning thing is much over-rated.