Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Surprise Revealed!

Okay. I only got two guesses (and both hats - which I sort of meant for you to think). So I suppose it wasn't all that fascinating to anyone but myself. I am, however, so wickedly pleased with the end result that I am positively giddy.

Here's a hint:

And here, my ferocious Imp:

(Ravelry notes here)

Yes. Tiger stripe longies, indeed! The tail was made using a modified version of Emily's C is for Cat pattern. Well, the cat's tail, at any rate. It is removable thanks to two buttons sewn into the back of the longies. Now, my oldest is asking for a knit tail to put on his jeans.

Yes. Today I win.


  1. It is just adorable!
    One of my son's wore a tail most of the year he was three.

  2. Oh. my. word. Those are FABULOUS!!!! I loved the tiger-striped longies, BUT NOW THEY HAVE A TAIL. I am so in love.

  3. Fantastic! What a lucky little guy, indeed:)

  4. That would be one ridunculously cute little tiger-boy!