Tuesday, January 17, 2012

24 hours

I've more or less weaned the Imp. It's been two nights since I last nursed him (we were only nursing to sleep, anyway). I suppose I should feel emotional about this, but I don't think that I do. We've had nearly three and a half years of breastfeeding (nearly two of which have been tandem). I think it was high time we were done. Given his ready acceptance of this, I suspect he feels the same way. I am very thankful that he does not resent the Beast for continuing to breastfeed (aside from the first month of the Beast's life, we've never had rivalry about it). Anyway. It seemed like I should document this.


  1. You're right to document this! There are so many things, small and large, that I'd have forgotten if it hadn't been for my blog. Love that pic of your sleepy kids...or is the one in the background flopping around? Colours are so vibrant!

  2. What a wonderful moment, my Kye also weaned around 3 and a half years. Blogs are wonderful diaries.
    Take care

  3. Where did you purchase those cute shapes to make the characters?

    1. I buy my peg dolls at Caseys: http://www.caseyswood.com/

  4. Thank you. I am a teacher and would love to have my students make some dolls.