Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The longies are (very slowly) coming along. They don't look like much right now, though.

I've also been working on my Artful Stone Swap. I have to save them for when the Imp isn't around, though. He loves rocks. He also loves throwing. This is a bad combination.

As if that weren't enough, I've joined a "Waldorf Stocking Stuffer" swap through a Yahoo group. I'm making ten wee felted tree stumps. They need to have been received by the host by December 1st. I'm not feeling rushed... yet. It'll come.

Any sane person would stop there. Me? I'm wondering how I can find some more wonderfully crafty people to swap with.


  1. Love the longies! Can't wait till they are finished!!1 I just made felted legwarmers on my blog---- way easier imo!!! But yours are looking a wee bit better!!!!

    love your blog!


  2. Hey melissa
    Nice to meet you :)
    I love your blog and creations!

  3. whoo hoo! I am working on longies, too......!!!
    tis the season!
    I am also part of the stocking stuffer swap:):) yay!

  4. Oooo look at all those stitch counters!
    i love a good swap too ;)

  5. Patricia: Hi! Nice to meet you as well! (:

    Bending Birches: Small world! Next time I'm going with a simpler longies pattern. These look nice, but I think a more basic stitch would work too. (:

    Shannon: The stitch counters are to help me not lose count of my ribbing. Having small children running about seems to distract me a lot. (: If you ever see anything I make that you'd like to swap for, let me know - I'm addicted!