Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swap and a finished project!

I received a lovely, lovely swap package from TwoLittleSeeds this week.

In it were three packages - each labeled for one of my kids. And a yummy smelling tea bag for me!

The Elf:

The Beast:

The Imp:

The Imp didn't want to wear his the day it came. So the Beast wore it. But today, fresh from the laundry basket the Imp requested the "buttons!" and so I was able to photograph him.

The Elf has been watching me knit and craft things for other people. One day he inquired why I hadn't made something for him yet (let's ignore for a moment that I haven't made anything for myself, either). So I had him look through some books of patterns that I'd gotten from the library. He chose a caterpillar finger puppet from this book. Being the kid that he is, I suggested things we could do to make it more to his taste. We settled on an alien puppet. He requested three red eyes and two antennae. I think the middle eye looks more like a nose, but he's pretty happy with it. Also, it's more of a several-finger puppet. Oops.

And now to go work on my other two in-progress knitting projects!


  1. Yay!!! They look good on those handsome models!
    How fantastic...they got all the way over the ocean to you all!
    D xxxx

  2. Wasn't it a fun swap? I love your knitted gnomes. I've got these on my to-do list. They look bigger than I thought.