Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch up and {this moment}

I've been slacking with the posting and image editing this week. So now I think I may try and compress it all into one post.

Let's see. Over a week ago the older boys and I painted blotter paper leaves. We tried several different methods and none of them worked exactly as I thought they would, but fun was had all the same.

I finished the dolls for my swap with TwoLittleSeeds and moved on to my swap with OutsideCat. I thought I'd do a quasi step-by-step photo thing. Of course, once I started adding color I sort of forgot to stop and take pictures. Oops.

I started out with a simple rolled piece of plain wool and felted it until it was firm and the right size.

Add four rolled cones. It's okay if they seem a little long or thin. When you add color it tends to thicken and shorten them. It gets shorter because it becomes more densely felted. I find it hard to do more than tack the original cones together.

Stick the cones on and there you go! A ghostly tree stump. Add color - dark for the bark and twisted lighter wool in a spiral pattern to make a tree ring-like pattern. And there you go!

I didn't take progress pictures of the mushroom house. So all you get is the finished product for now.

And finally. My moment. Which I'm going to cheat and explain. Two years ago (or so) we rescued a kitten being bled to death by fleas outside. We nursed him back to health and he's a happy, fluffy Faustus now. His litter-mate was not so easy to catch. In fact, we never did. He's a gorgeous feral fellow that I've named Constantine. In the past couple of months he's gotten more comfortable with us and is often seen in our driveway (when he isn't chowing down on the food we put out for him).

A Friday ritual inspired by Soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savor and remember.

Whew. The end. For now!


  1. WooHoo! Now I can make us a tree stump :-) Thank you for sharing. Your mushroom house is dreamy. Such happy warm creations you've made.

    Happy weekend...

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! What wonderful inspiration you've provided!

  3. I love your felted creations! I am not very crafty - but I am taking the plunge! (just can't afford of these wonderful works of art) I just ordered some felting supplies. Thank you for reminding me to google - why didn't I think of that? What are some of your favorite craft books?


  4. What wonderful projects! The stump is truly amazing. Beautiful blog. :)

  5. Thank you!!! I put the stump and house out for everyone to admire this weekend. I maybe pet them a lot. They will have a happy life.

  6. very, very cool...must make one just because it is so cute!

  7. Love your needle felted creations! This little mushroom is perfect for hiding treasures inside!

  8. I had the good fortune to see in person our felted tree stump and mushroom house today. They are so beautiful, we were talking about how you might have made the different parts and I am happy to see the process of the stump here. Love it!!!

  9. christina: Thanks so much! They're great fun to make. (: