Saturday, October 9, 2010


For my niece's 13th birthday I made a knitted firefly ship.

It taught me a lot. I knit the whole thing on a circular needle using the magic loop technique. I was supposed to hold the yarn doubled but I really didn't want to try figuring that one out. I suspect that would account for the larger holes where you can see the stuffing peeking through.

When she opened it today at her party, my niece had no idea what it was. I'll be honest and tell you that my heart fell a bit. Her mother (my sister) had no idea, either. When I told them, they were all oohs and aahs. I think it's possible that my sister greatly overstated her family's interest in Firefly. Or maybe when my family geeks out, we really geek out.

My step-mother and the other knitters and creative types all thought it was amazing. I think it was mostly because it's only the second pattern I've ever tried - which I'm told is adventurous for a beginner. Maybe I was supposed to stick to flat things? My whole motivation for learning to knit was so that I could make toys for the kids.

In any case, I am pleased with how it turned out. After a few more interestingly shaped toys maybe I'll be able to design Moya and some DRDs (since I haven't come across a pattern already in existence). Mmmm. Farscape.


  1. You are such a natural to knitting, it looks great. Cant wait to see what you make next! I love your this moment last post:)
    I do believe you mentioned at bending birches in a comment that you were thinking about getting some block crayons as your little one keeps breaking other crayons? If so Ill say that I got them for the same reason around 3 years ago and havent had a single breakage!

  2. karen: Thanks! The thing I love about knitting is that so long as you follow the instructions you get a nice end result. It's like putting together furniture - another thing I love to do. (:

    It amazes me how much the Elf is willing to help out with the Beast. I think it might be that he's a welcome change to the Imp who is always taking his toys! (:

    I think I'm going to buy some of the beeswax crayons based on your (and some other bloggers) recommendations. It's going to have to wait until Solstice, though.