Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekending in doll land.

I had this idea. And I couldn't shake it. So I spent the entirety of Saturday after dinner making a doll. I finished her up on Sunday.

She's about 11 inches (not including her tail fins). I shamelessly borrowed a heart shaped barbie top pattern for her. Future dolls will have something else, I just don't know what yet.

Her hair is a golden linen (I think) and can be styled in many ways.

Her tail is a soft cotton/modal (beechwood) blend in a deep plum color.

She's still a prototype of sorts. There are some construction issues that I want to change when/if I make another one. But for a first attempt, I think she came out rather well. I'm hoping this little lady will be part of a giveaway soon. I'll keep you posted.

I also spent some time working on peg dolls for the shop, a swap, and a custom order. The Beast didn't nap as much as I'd like, so they aren't done yet (he and paints = splatters on the ceiling). Hopefully he'll nap today so that I can finish painting them. Then it'll be beeswax polishing and hat sewing. Whee!


  1. She is cute! I love her mermaid tail and the braid down the back is beautiful!!!

  2. What a beauty! You really do have a great talent for making dolls!

  3. THat is SO COOL!

    (I am SO BEHIND on my blog reading.)