Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our strange life.

Some people crochet afghans. Or hats. Some people use wool felt to create sweet little gnomes. Or play food.

My middle son, the Imp, asked me to make him this:

Yes. My three (and a half) year old wanted a war axe. Whenever he wants something he comes to me. "Mom, please make me [insert request here]." It would never occur to him that I couldn't make whatever it is that he wants. And who am I to disappoint him?


  1. Hahaha, that is fantastic and what kid doesn't want a war axe!

  2. You are soooooo AWESOME! What a creative awesomely cool thing to whip up! One of boys would LOVE me to make something like that!

    As always you and your creativity anf blog amaze me ;)

    No I have not had my baby yet, just reading blogs to keep busy!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

  3. i cannot even begin to tell you how awesome that is and how amazing you are!!! so wonderful that he sees you making these things rather than running out to buy them at the big box store.

  4. that is awesome! i wish i had figured out how to make creative toys when my children were younger. it took me a while to get up to speed those first few years!

    1. Do not be fooled, I didn't make things for my first child. I was too busy trying to figure out the whole parenting thing (and honestly, I still am!). We had our second child six years later and I guess I sort of got hooked on the crafting for them. Now they all routinely request the most random things! (: