Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crafting on

Last night we went out to run errands. We stopped at a local Panera for dinner. To be honest, we go there a lot. B orders Chinese for the oldest of us and the youngest get mac and cheese from Panera. This works for us because there are a bunch of shaded tables there. So. One of the women that works at Panera saw the Imp playing with a chick-in-an-egg that I crocheted a while ago. She gushed mightily about how her two year old would love one. So I've made her one. Because I'm crazy.

Right. Speaking of crazy. Here's a doll I'm working on for the neice of an acquantaince from Friday knitting.

She doesn't have hair yet. I'm combining the crochet cap yarn with another thinner, sort of heathered yarn.

Next up I'll either be giving her antennae or making a ladybug hat for her. What do you think?

She's made using Adirondack Patterns' Lillipals pattern for both the doll and the dress/pants. The cape is something I came up with after crocheting wings failed me.


  1. I love it all...the egg, the doll, the dress, the lady bug on the back. I think she would look great with "antannae".

  2. I don't think you're crazy, I think you're very nice!
    I love the ladybug doll and think she would look so sweet with antennae on her head.

  3. Congratulations...you won the necklace give-away. Can you send me your mailing address and I will get it to you as soon as possible. You can "conversation" me on my etsy site, or use the email address that is connected to my shop. I'm glad you won, since you happen to be the first person to ever favourite my shop, too.

  4. Your dolls are so cute, love the lady bird wings! I love the little chick and egg too

  5. See what everyone else said about your chick and ladybug doll... me, too... yes, yes!

  6. She is gorgeous - I think antennae would be great :-)