Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crafting on in Doll-land.

I can't shake it. I think I love making these things.

This doll is based on Adirondack Patterns' Lillipals doll. The clothes are also made using the same pattern and tutorial. She's about 12 inches tall. Her hair is 100% wool yarn and is not meant to be taken down (it's a permanent hairstyle). Her skin is a cotton/poly blend - I couldn't afford the "good stuff" to learn on. She's filled with clean, carded wool. All in all, I'd say she cost me about $30 in supplies. Anyone interested in taking her home for the cost of supplies and shipping?

This doll was also made using the Lillipals pattern, as were her clothes. She has a green print dress with off-white "bloomers" and a wool felt (it's a blend, I think) coat. Her hair is super soft organic cotton. She's about 12 inches tall. Her skin is also a blend. My sister may be claiming her for a little girl's birthday present, but I don't know that she'll like this one. So if anyone falls in love with her, let me know! has claimed her, but I can always make another similar doll if anyone has fallen in love with her.

This is a doll in progress. She's being made using a mix of patterns and techniques I've picked up in the last month or so. Oh. The hands with fingers (this one and the brown-haired doll) - I picked up that idea from this tutorial. I don't think I like it - because I can't seem to do it "right." The hands looks all funky. But then, doing the fingers like toes makes them look like sausages. I may just give up on fingers altogether.

Here are some resources that I have found invaluable in making these dolls:
The Silver Penny's doll head tutorial (specifically for the nose)
Adirondack Patterns' Lillipals and Basic Waldorf patterns and tutorials
This hair tutorial
This doll tutorial (by the same person as the hair)
This baby tutorial - you can buy rights to sell this doll from her Etsy shop.
A doll tutorial by the same creator as above - though I don't think you can buy rights to this one
I've also used Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke

Now! This weekend I'm going to assess the finances and buy some "real" doll skin fabric. I think I'm ready. I hope I'm ready. I know that I won't be able to compete with the "pros" on Etsy. But.. I love making these - they keep me sane.


  1. In the pictures, I think you are actually doing a fantastic job on the fingers. I love love the hairstyle on the brown haired doll...the bun/ponytail. Fantastic. And finally, yes...you are definitely ready. Your dolls are easily as nice as the ones I have seen on etsy. Good luck, and have fun.

  2. You've done a GREAT job! I agree with Natalie, the bun pig tails are adorable! I'm excited to see some more with "real" doll skin! ;)

  3. those are fun! i love the permanent hairstyle- perfect for a younger child!