Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She's done!

Again, the doll body, dress, and pants (that you can't really see) are based on the Lillipals pattern by Adirondack Patterns.

I'm so pleased that I didn't run out of yarn for the hair. I seriously thought that I wouldn't have enough. The antennae don't stand up all the time, but as it's a toy for a very young child I didn't want to put anything stiff in them. Now I'm off to email the woman who inspired it - I hope she likes it!


  1. Super-crazy cute, and I like the dainty flowered fabric you used to make the dress, too...


  2. She came out just as cute as I knew she would! YOU my dear are very talented!

  3. She is so adorable, you did a wonderful job!!

  4. Gasp. She is FABULOUS! Just adorable. Beautifully done.