Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waffles and peg people.

Last weekend we bought a waffle maker. I'm a waffle addict. This way, at least, I can control what goes into the waffles. That must count for something, right?

That one is the Elf's. He, of course, loves syrup. I prefer mine with just butter.

I joined a peg doll swap hosted by the lovely We Bloom Here. Well, it's taken me the full time alloted, but I'm done!.

This is why I've not been posting. Or answering emails promptly.

I decided that my peg folk needed caves. See, I wrote this little "story" for them. And they *had* to have caves. I tried wet felting some. That failed miserably. I tried a variety of ways to knit them. Finally I settled on this:

Which turned into this:

And needed the addition of this (which I didn't remember to photograph until after I'd already thrown it in the washer):

Combined together, I ended up with this:

So. The people are composed of watercolor paint, tea-dyed wool felt, finger knitted (crocheted?) wool trim, curly roving for hair, and some wood burning detail. The caves (which didn't turn out how I'd planned - but what ever does?) are knitted and then felted (fulled?) wool that have been cut and sewn. Whee!

I hope their new families enjoy them. They'll be off to the post office tomorrow.

The Elf also joined the swap. His are still awaiting some Mama-assisted glueing, so the pictures will have to wait.


  1. I just been over to see the peg dolls blog. Thanks for the both got me inspired. I am behind with making spring flower fairies but this has got me going! x

  2. Hi Could you email me, I accidentally deleted yours. cheers Marie

  3. The wonderful beautiful dolls arrived today. Will (hopefully) email you tonight... but meanwhile, I would love to have a digital photo of Elf's dolls (oh, how we love everything written by Dav Pilkey... so crass! so brilliant!! fabulous inspiration!!!) Also, if you could email me the text from your story, that would be FABULOUS (I am lazy and hate re-typing... would rather cut & paste...)


  4. How Beautiful!! I love these.:o) I have got to steal some time to craft. It's been rough to find the time lately. Spinning Saturday is pretty much it.

  5. I just wanted to come over to say "THANK YOU!!" for the beautiful enchanted peg folk! I LOVED the addition of the cave...just perfect! The parcel arrived earlier this week, and was a delightful surprise!
    xo maureen

  6. Love the "peggies" and what a great idea to add a cave! I was just wonder if you put something over the water color paints to seal them. I tried make some and covered them with beeswax which made them look like they had a bad suntan and the watercolours still came off.