Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marie was kind enough to swap with me again. Her work is so amazing, if you've never see it - you should check out her Etsy shop.

Early last week, this is where I was:

Three peg dolls with burned details and watercolors, capes and hats cut out, caves felted and cut, the ground freshly knitted (while waiting with the Elf at the doctor's office).

Here's detail of the doll bodies:

This past weekend, I finished them up. Now they look like this:

I also finished this doll dress as part of a swap I'm doing with Belle + Bee.

(Ravelry notes here)

I'm pretty happy with it. It was my first time knitting a top/dress of any kind. It was also my first time using such thin yarn.

I'm now knitting shorties for the doll. Switching to worsted cotton felt so clumsy after such a delicate yarn. I'm used to it now, though.


  1. The pegs are so cute love the detail on them. The little dress very pretty.

  2. very cute! love what you did with the peg people :)

  3. I absolutely love love love your ped dolls! The details are amazing! Really. And the doll's dress, and the doll, and (gasp!) those bloomers. Oh, I'd love to sit and craft with you:) I'd like to link up to these peg dolls on my blog, if you don't mind. Let me know if it's not ok. Oh, and do you sell any of this? I just took another peek above and eeek! so cute!!!
    xo Jules

  4. Oh My are these the beautiful dolls I am going to get? I can not wait, how delightful. Cheers Marie