Sunday, March 13, 2011

Swap request.

I'm still working my way towards a post with some form of substance. Really. I promise.

In the meantime.. would any one out there care for a swap? I'm just finishing up a peg doll swap (yes, I am pushing the deadline to the very last minute) and that leaves me with just one more swap - a knitted doll for a sweet baby loving little girl.

Here's the thing. My youngest, the Beast, will be celebrating his first birthday at the end of April. I have no gifts for him. None. Gah. I know that a one year old doesn't really need gifts. But... I don't know.

I also need to start "stockpiling" for Summer Solstice and a ninth birthday in August as well as a third birthday in September. And and and. Yeah.

Any one want to swap with me? I can knit. I can dye yarn. I can make peg dolls, salves, and balms. Mostly, I knit these days, though. Longies, shorties, dolls, Angry Birds, balls, soap bags, washcloths. And I'm always up for a challenge.


  1. Oh I would love to swap, just email me. cheers Marie

  2. I want to but I am struggling with stuff at the moment. I am up for something in the Summer. xx

  3. Another idea for a 1 year old birthday gift (I know you've asked for a swap, but this is so much fun, you have to do it yourself...) Have you tried dying playsilks with Kool-aide? We did some around here and they are much loved. Here's the tutorial I followed